Save time, protect assets and avoid distress with a well–planned estate.

Personal Estate Planning Kit

Your Personal Estate Planning Kit will be sent to you by mail.
To take advantage of this resource immediately download the electronic versions below.

This comprehensive estate planning kit includes a helpful lesson book and an electronic record book:

Your Lesson Book

Download the lesson book (PDF), which will walk you through essential lessons on creating an effective estate plan. Each lesson includes a multiple–choice quiz to test your knowledge of the information covered.

Your Record Book

After completing the lesson book, you'll be ready to take inventory of your assets. Download the record book (PDF) to begin.

Note: To record your information digitally on the form, you must have Adobe Reader. Download it for FREE here. If you're using Firefox (browser), you must save the PDF prior to making edits.

Need Help?
If we can provide any assistance during your planning process, please contact Jon Kraus at 303.871.4619 or

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