Patrick "Pat" Schauer (BS '51)

From Veteran to Pioneer to Benefactor

Patrick SchauerPatrick "Pat" Schauer (BS '51) attended the University of Denver on the GI Bill. His unconventional path to college included leaving high school to enlist in the U.S. Air Force during World War II. With an aptitude for electrical work picked up from his father, Pat aspired to get a degree in electrical engineering after the war.

He was accepted to the University of Denver on the condition that he get a high school diploma. In uniform, Pat returned to his high school to discuss the situation. Because of his service experience, the school awarded him his diploma. He then attended night school to complete his path to the DU program.

During this period, Pat's father died and Pat became the legal guardian of his brother, Douglas (BS '52). Douglas also went to DU, so for a time, the two brothers lived together and worked multiple jobs to pay for their education. Pat became an engineer, married and founded a thriving engineering business.

Following the examples of her Uncle Pat and her father, Joann Schauer Cole (MSW '91) became a Pioneer. "Pat loved the University of Denver," said Joann. "When his wife died, he remembered how important the University was to him and wanted to honor that."

Patrick SchauerAt that time, Pat initiated a charitable gift annuity and received quarterly payments for the rest of his life. Fourteen years later when he passed away, the balance of the annuity—which was more than what Pat put into it—went to the Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging to support Assistant Professor Daniel Paredes, who conducts research on Parkinson's disease.

"Toward the end of his life, Uncle Pat endured many health challenges," said Joann. "But he always had a positive outlook and continued to say how much he enjoyed life."

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