Michael McGoldrick

Hooked on the Lamont School of Music

Michael McGoldrick

Written 8-28-2008

Michael McGoldrick's love of DU's Lamont School of Music has inspired him to devote significant time, energy and resources to supporting the transformation of Lamont into a world renowned school of music.

Michael was raised in the Pacific Northwest and attended Amherst College and Stanford University. Trained as an economist, he launched a successful career in investment management that has spanned four decades and continues today.

Early on he studied abroad which led to a strong interest in other cultures and also economic development around the world. He has applied this interest by teaching aboard the original floating university, investing "internationally"and more recently teaching in Eastern Europe. Michael commented, "After many years of teaching I am still striving to provide the best educational experience for my students."In store for him this fall is teaching Economic History and Finance courses at The American University in Bulgaria.

Michael first moved to Colorado in 1971 and fell in love with the mountains, rivers and wildlife of the state. As he looks ahead he expects to continue teaching, investing and fly fishing for trout. In addition to his zeal for education, other topics of importance to him include justice and peace throughout the world, protecting the environment, and arts and culture.

Living in the Denver community, Michael has felt the energy of Lamont. "When you visit the Lamont School of Music you feel the enthusiasm of the students in the Newman Center's marvelous facilities and their music reflects it,"said Michael.

Years ago Michael started attending performances at Lamont's previous location at the old Colorado Women's College campus. Since then he has continued to be impressed and said "Lamont's accomplished faculty, talented students from around the world and their remarkable performances inspire community members like me."

Although he is proud of his own alma maters, Michael says there was plenty of room in his affections for a school that has the energy and dynamism of Lamont and felt that DU merited his support. Drawing an analogy from his experience in the investment business, Michael commented, "If one gives to a variety of causes, DU could be regarded as a growth stock on its way to becoming a blue chip stock.""Working with the team in DU's Gift Planning Office has been easy and satisfying. Their responsiveness helped me maximize the impact of my support for Lamont while also meeting my personal goals."

"By supporting the Lamont School of Music you're supporting a dynamic University in its growth phase, you're encouraging the arts and finally you're also supporting wonderful music for the greater Denver community."