Adriana Govea and Kiki Andriani

Q & A With James Scholarship Recipients

Adriana Govea, BA '10 and Kiki Andriani

Written 7-11-2011

Adriana Govea

Community Involvement/Activities?

  • 9 News Health Fair (translator/interpreter)
  • Chaperone for Girl Scouts trip to camp Tomahawk.
  • Girls Inc. of Metro Denver (summer) teaching assistant, science classes for 1st- 6th graders
  • The Women's College open house sharing pointers on obtaining scholarships.
  • Latin American Educational Foundation, assisted in event planning.
  • Volunteered at The Women's College for open house sharing my experiences as a student for the Spanish speaking potential students.
  • Assisted Gerontology association delivering Christmas meals to home bound elders.
  • Ambassador for the DU Multicultural Career Fair
  • Habitat for Humanity Women Building Event with The Women's College.
  • Volunteer one day a week at my place of employment as a translator/interpreter for the Spanish speaking patients of our urological practice.

Experience at DU?

My goal when I enrolled at The Women's College was to become an educated woman, improve my financial situation, become a role model to other women and my children, and have more career options. I believe all my goals were fulfilled.

My life has been transformed as a result of my enrollment at The Women's College of DU. I wrote a paper once where I mentioned that I had found my night and shining armor at the DU Camelot, which was used as a metaphor to express that once I enrolled at The Women's College I found a missing piece of my life that was only fulfilled by obtaining an education. As a member of the DU community, I feel I'm a member of an elite group of people who really care about their community and embody what stewardship, scholarship, leadership and service really are.

Doors have been opened to new experiences as a result of my enrollment there; I was able to attend Camp Experience and network with over 200 amazing women, and many other fun events throughout my educational journey. I had the honor to attend the 2009 University Inaugural Conference through the NSCS and witness the presidential inauguration of president Obama in person. I have become acquainted with many important members of the Denver community as a result, and have learned to see the world through a different lens. Before my enrollment in school I felt as if my life had no direction and now I have a clear path that I'm following to make my dreams of career advancement and personal fulfillment come true.

The most important lesson learned throughout my educational journey at the University of Denver's Women's College, was that knowledge is empowering and can change lives, and that in this current global economy and job market, knowledge and education are the great equalizers.

What the James Scholarship has meant to you?

The James Scholarship allowed me to continue my education without interruption which was very important for me. I wanted nothing to get in the way of my goal of obtaining a college degree, and the financial assistance I received from this scholarship allowed me to continue throughout the summer and filled the gap not fulfilled by student loans. Not only was I supported financially by this scholarship, but knowing that someone out there believed in me, made me aspire to excel to make them proud. In Jean James I found a friend and a role model of what a service oriented life can be. I was humbled by knowing that people that have experienced good fortune have reached out to help people like me that otherwise would struggle and have obstacles in completing their degrees. Being a single mother of two children, working full time and struggling financially was obstacle enough in aspiring to obtain a degree, but with the financial assistance I received from generous donors like the James family. I was allowed to fulfill my dream of becoming an educated woman.

Plans for the Future?

I have been accepted to the Executive MBA Health Administration with a pharmaceutical concentration at CU Denver, which I will start in July of 2010. After completing this degree my goal is to work in the administration of a hospital and have a role in healthcare reform. When my children graduate college and go to live their own lives outside of home, I would like to join an organization that would send me to underdeveloped countries, where I would like to help women establish small businesses that will help them gain financial independence. I also dream of seeing the world and I think that there wouldn't be a better way to do it, but in the form of rewarding work.

Kiki Andriani

BA in Human & Mass Communications, as well as a Professional Teaching License in Elementary Education.

Community Involvement/Activities?

Was a mentor at The University of Denver Women's College and also volunteered time as a Greek dance instructor at the Hellenic Dance Academy of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Denver.

Experience at DU?

It was quite the challenge going back to school as a recent divorcée and single mother of two. At DU, I felt a sense of belonging and every single professor I had, encouraged me to believe in myself which resulted in lifelong self-confidence. I was encouraged to bring my voice to the table and was enriched with the experiences of others in return.

What the James Scholarship has meant to you?

The James Scholarship was my incentive, constant reminder of an incredible effort, and the meaning of hope. I consider Jean James a dear friend of mine and one of the many mentors I am blessed with.

Plans for the Future?

After graduating from DU, I completed my professional teaching license with an endorsement in Elementary Education. I feel the need to reciprocate & am committed to encouraging my own students to believe in themselves.